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    HydroServe Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, are one of the leading MEP contract companies in Sri Lanka to provide a premium & sustainable engineering service when it comes to heavy-duty pump installation, HVAC panel supply & installation, water/ wastewater engineering, and chemical dosing technology… etc. During the past decade, we have built a trusted name in Sri Lanka in the field of water & environmental engineering, by providing our service for major clients including Sri Lankan government organizations and major civil contractors. We have proudly completed over 100+ major projects so far.


    HydroServe Engineering was co-founded by Mr. M.Milroy Bulathsinghala (BSc Eng.) in 2008 as an engineering service providing company to undertake M&E contracts and help fulfill the market requirement for contract engineering in Sri Lanka. As the company was able to maintain a solid relationship with the world-renowned manufacturers, HydroServe could always deliver high-quality work under highly competitive rates, at the beginning itself.

    During a short period as of two years, the company served on various projects and got a large number of new contracts which was hard for the company to handle at that time. So to explore new market opportunities and serve with much-sophisticated solutions, and finally to provide a premium service, HydroServe Engineering (Pvt) Ltd was established as a Limited liberty company in 2010 as a subsidiary of Metrocop (Pvt) Ltd. Metrocop is a reputed organization in Sri Lanka with a great history of over 35+ years who are mainly focused on agro-industry & tea plantation, renewable & sustainable energy, and the water sector. Metrocorp usually shows up an annual turnover of about 75 million USD.

    In 2010 itself keeping a huge step forward, we were able to get the local agency of German Lutz-Jesco products in Sri Lanka. Since then we have installed Jesco dosing solutions in over 70 stations around the country.

    Providing our clients with professional service which ensures the highest quality is our primary concern. We have experienced a 100% customer satisfaction since the beginning, through delivering quality work and best in the class after sales service.

In Sri Lanka, we exclusively represent:
LUTZ-JESCO - Germany
SERECO - Italy
DVD Valves - Turkey
HOMA Pumps - Germany
Pro Do Mix - Italy
Hydroserve Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.
A premium MEP contract company in Sri Lanka to provide a sustainable engineering service covering the areas of Heavy duty pump installation, Generator installation, HVAC electrical panel installation, Water/ Wastewater Engineering, and chemical dosing technology.
We exclusively work with award-winning premium brands around the world and our service is trusted by major organizations in Sri Lanka.
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